The Legal Information Institute welcomed more than 47 million unique visitors to our website in 2022, that’s five million more than last year and an increase of over 12%.  A lot of that increase can be attributed to the maturation of some of the projects we’ve been telling you about in recent years.  So, we thought we’d give you an update on our progress on those fronts.  

So let’s count down the top three LII collections by percent traffic increase for 2022:   

Third Place: Wex 

Our third busiest collection was busier than ever in 2022, with 40% more user sessions than in 2021.  Ever since 2020 when we started the project as a way to employ more students who lost their summer jobs due to COVID-19, we’ve been actively improving this collection by using student workers to revise existing Wex articles and create new ones.  And 2022 was no exception, as we improved

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