The Wikipedia editors are waiting to hear you scream. On Wednesday, Wikipedia is set to make its new skin the default on English Wikipedia — its first new skin since 2010 — and the team of designers and volunteer editors are waiting with some mix of excitement and trepidation. From a report: On Sunday, several dozen Wikipedia editors nursed cocktails in midtown Manhattan at the afterparty for Wikipedia Day, the annual celebration of Wikipedia’s Jan. 14, 2001, founding. The group — a nerdy crowd of librarians, students, software engineers, and others who spend their free time creating an encyclopedia — usually meets in quiet libraries instead of ritzy open bars, but this was a special occasion: Wikipedia’s 22nd birthday (as well as its 21st and 20th, which the group had only commemorated online). Plus, someone had offered the space as a donation.

Gathered on a leather couch, speaking loudly over

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