If you’re tired of unwieldy conversations on Discord, or abandoned Facebook groups that no one uses anymore, Frond has an alternative.
Launching today, Frond is a tool for building communities online. At the helm are Matt Blackshaw, founder of Sold, and Jan Senderek, who founded Loom; both companies were sold to Dropbox.
On Frond, you have individual channels for different topics, but instead of using Discord- or Slack-like chat features, you create a post, like in a Facebook group. Posts can feature photos, videos, links or long-form writing. Then, members of the community can comment on posts within threads to keep things organized. Conversations on chat-based platforms can very quickly become hard to follow — some communities might thrive within the chaos, but others need something more focused, without making it too intimidating to post. Frond seeks to fill that in-between space.
Senderek told TechCrunch that Frond could serve a wide range of

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