Microsoft has announced a new version of its search engine Bing, powered by an upgraded version of the same AI technology that underpins chatbot ChatGPT. The company is launching the product alongside an upgraded version of its Edge browser, promising that the two will provide a new experience for browsing the web and finding information online. The Verge: “It’s a new day in search,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at an event announcing the product. We’re currently following the event live, and adding more information to this story as we go. Microsoft argued that the search paradigm hasn’t changed in 20 years and that roughly half of all searches don’t answer users’ questions. The arrival of conversational AI can change this, says the company, delivering information more fluidly and quickly. The “new Bing,” as Microsoft is calling it, offers a “chat” function, where users can ask questions and receive answers

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