Some people try to hide parts of their email address from online scrapers by spelling out “at” and “dot,” notes a Washington Post technology newsletter. But unfortunately, “This spam-fighting trick doesn’t work. At all.” They warn that it’s not just a “piece of anti-spam fiction,” but “an example of the digital self-protection myths that drain your time and energy and make you less safe.

“Today, let’s kill off four privacy and security bogus beliefs, including that you need a VPN to stay safe online. (No, you probably don’t.)
Myth No. 3: You need a VPN to stay safe online.
…for most people in the United States and other democracies, “There is no real reason why you should use a VPN,” said Frédéric Rivain, chief technology officer of Dashlane, a password management service that also offers a VPN…. If you’re researching sensitive subjects like depression and don’t want family members to

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