Guest post by Michelle Hook Dewey, Legal Technologies Librarian at Georgia State University College of Law and LIT-SIS ABA Techshow grant award recipient. 
Thanks to a generous LIT-SIS grant I was able to finally attend my first ABA Techshow—and it did not disappoint! For those not familiar with the ABA Techshow, it is the American Bar Association’s (ABA) annual tech conference, hosted by the ABA’s Law Practice Division. The Techshow provides an opportunity for lawyers, academics, and technology experts to get together and share knowledge and tools related to integrating technology solutions and skills into the everyday practice of law. To accomplish this,  the planning committee, including LIT-SIS member Kenton Brice, put together a selection of programs aimed at addressing everything from tech competency standards for lawyers, to how to use technology to tackle A2J issues, to how to make use of everyday Office tools. There was also an exhibit hall

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