Two days after an open letter called for a moratorium on the development of more powerful generative AI models so regulators can catch up with the likes of ChatGPT, Italy’s data protection authority has just put out a timely reminder that some countries do have laws that already apply to cutting edge AI: it has ordered OpenAI to stop processing people’s data locally with immediate effect.
The Italian DPA said it’s concerned that the ChatGPT maker is breaching the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and is opening an investigation.
Specifically, the Garante said it has issued the order to block ChatGPT over concerns OpenAI has unlawfully processed people’s data as well as over the lack of any system to prevent minors from accessing the tech.
The San Francisco-based company has 20 days to respond to the order, backed up by the threat of some meaty penalties if it fails to comply.

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