According to CNBC, Google has halted construction of its proposed 80-acre campus in San Jose, California, after the first demolition phase. “Some sources close to the development told CNBC that the company doesn’t have plans to revive the project in the near future.” From the report: In June 2021, Google won approval to build an 80-acre campus, spanning 7.3 million square feet of office space, in San Jose, California, the third-largest city in the country’s most populous state. The estimated economic impact: $19 billion. […] The city of San Jose may now be paying the price. What was poised to be a mega-campus called “Downtown West,” with thousands of new housing units and 15 acres of public parks, is largely a demolition zone at risk of becoming a long-term eyesore and economic zero. CNBC has learned that, as part of Google’s downsizing that went into effect early this year, the

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