Zero Trust Architecture simplified
Lawyers have a “deer in the headlights” look whenever we talk about Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) – and we do understand that look. ZTA is complicated and often causes your eyes to glaze over about two minutes after we bring ZTA into the conversation.
Let’s keep it as simple as a complicated subject can be.
Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is not a product you can buy in a store or online. It is a security model presented in 2003 by the Jericho Forum, although the term “zero trust” dates back to 1994. The zero trust model surfaced in 2010 but would take almost a decade to become prevalent. Our old models assumed that users and devices within a network could be trusted and given access to resources based on their location or other factors.
ZTA is different. It assumes that all users, devices, applications, etc. are potentially compromised and must

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