An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet, written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols: The latest Linux kernel is out with a slew of new features — and, for once, this release has been nice and easy. […] Speaking of Rust, everyone’s favorite memory-safe language, the new kernel comes with user-mode Linux support for Rust code. Miguel Ojeda, the Linux kernel developer, who’s led the efforts to bring Rust to Linux, said the additions mean we’re, “getting closer to a point where the first Rust modules can be upstreamed.”

Other features in the Linux 6.3 kernel include support and enablement for upcoming and yet-to-be-released Intel and AMD CPUs and graphics hardware. While these updates will primarily benefit future hardware, several changes in this release directly impact today’s users’ day-to-day experience. The kernel now supports AMD’s automatic Indirect Branch Restricted Speculation (IBRS) feature for Spectre mitigation, providing a less performance-intensive alternative to the

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