An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: What’s even harder-core than the IBM Model M? The Model F, the keyboard that launched alongside the IBM PC in 1981. After a 2017 relaunch, new models with the original layout are here. The project, which back in 2017 relaunched a modern keyboard inspired by a compact space-saver version of IBM’s classic Model F, is launching its second generation of brand-new premium input devices, and this time, various layouts will be available. […]

Enter the New Model F Keyboards project. “Ellipse” launched it in 2017 and attracted over $300,000 worth of orders, even at $399 each. Aside from the not-inconsiderable price, what put the author off was the layout. Space-saving and reduced-footprint keyboards are very popular among serious keyboard collectors, and the project chose two space-saver layouts from IBM’s 4704 terminal, dubbed the Kishsaver after the collector who described it. The

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