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David Hamp-Gonsalves had two things quite a few people have these days: old phones lying around and a slowly building desire to get another Raspberry Pi for a quirky personal project.
The project this time was a personal music streaming server (detailed in full on GitHub). While Pi inventories are slowly improving, they’re still not quite what they were, as a glance at rpilocator shows. What is far more readily available is the old Samsung Galaxy S7 phone in your drawer. Hamp-Gonsalves had one with a broken charging port, and a friend had another one with a bad battery, and one transplant later, he had a test model.
You can read David’s full post for the details (which we first saw at Hackaday). The gist is that he tried three solutions, with varying degrees of fiddling and success, to get the Navidrome personal music service running:Read

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