Substack’s Twitter-like feature for shorter posts, called Notes, is launching for everyone on Tuesday. The Verge reports: Substack’s Notes will appear in their own separate tab, meaning they’ll be separate from the full newsletters you can read in the Inbox tab or the threads you can read in the Chat tab, where you can read newsletters. In a blog post, Substack suggests using Notes to share things like “posts, quotes, comments, images, and links,” and there is no character limit, Substack spokesperson Helen Tobin tells The Verge.

Each post can include up to six photos or GIFs, but video isn’t supported. Notes you share won’t go to subscriber inboxes; they’ll just live on the Substack website and app. And you can interact with other Notes with like, reply, and “restack” (retweet) buttons. Within the Notes tab, you can look through two different feeds: “Home” and “Subscribed.” “Home” shows notes from

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