The Top 500 list of the fastest supercomputers in the world was released today, and AMD continues its streak of impressive wins with 121 systems now powered by AMD’s silicon — a year-over-year increase of 29%. From a report: Additionally, AMD continues to hold the #1 spot on the Top 500 with the Frontier supercomputer, while the test and development system based on the same architecture continues to hold the second spot in power efficiency metrics on the Green 500 list. Overall, AMD also powers seven of the top ten systems on the Green 500 list. The AMD-powered Frontier remains the only fully-qualified exascale-class supercomputer on the planet, as the Intel-powered two-exaflop Aurora has still not submitted a benchmark result after years of delays.

In contrast, Frontier is now fully operational and is being used by researchers in a multitude of science workloads. In fact, Frontier continues to improve from

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