Phoronix shares some overlooked news from AMD’s openSIL presentation at the OCP Regional Summit in April. Specifically, that AMD openSIL — their open-source x86 silicon initialization library — “is planned to eventually replace AMD’s well known AGESA [BIOS utility]” around 2026, and “it will be supported across AMD’s entire processor stack — just not limited to EPYC server processors as some were initially concerned…”

Raj Kapoor, AMD Fellow and AMD’s Chief Firmware Architect, in fact began the AMD openSIL presentation by talking about the challenges they’ve had with AGESA in adapting it to Coreboot for Chromebook purposes with Ryzen SoCs… With AMD openSIL not expected to be production ready until around 2026, this puts it roughly inline for an AMD Zen 6 or Zen 7 introduction. The proof of concept code for AMD Genoa is expected to come soon…

The presentation also noted that beyond AMD openSIL code being open-source, the

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