LexisNexis today announced the preview launch of Lexis Connect, a legal intake and matter management product that works within Microsoft Teams and uses conversational AI assistants to help deliver answers more quickly.
The product is being developed in partnership with Microsoft, and Microsoft’s Corporate, External and Legal Affairs (CELA) department has signed on as the first preview customer to test and help further develop the product.
LexisNexis is looking for another five or six legal departments to join the commercial preview for free. Anyone interested can get a demonstration at the CLOC Global Institute next week in Las Vegas.
The problem Lexis Connect tackles is that of intake and management of requests from within a corporation to the legal department.
In a briefing this afternoon for the media, Serena Wellen, senior director of product management, said LexisNexis chose to develop the product within teams because that is where the majority of corporate counsel already

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