Google Colab hosts free cloud-based “executable documents” that, among other things, let you write and run code in your browser (in dozens of languages, including Python).

Over 7 million people, including students, already use Colab, according to a recent post on Google’s blog, “and now it’s getting even better with advances in AI [with] features like code completions, natural language to code generation and even a code-assisting chatbot.”

Google says it will “dramatically increase programming speed, quality, and comprehension.”

Our first features will focus on code generation. Natural language to code generation helps you generate larger blocks of code, writing whole functions from comments or prompts. [For example: “import data.csv as a dataframe.”] The goal here is to reduce the need for writing repetitive code, so you can focus on the more interesting parts of programming and data science. Eligible users in Colab will see a new “Generate” button in their

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