Microsoft is building its ChatGPT-based Bing experience right into Windows 11 — and adding a few twists that allow users to ask the chatbot to change their Windows settings, too.
The new Windows Copilot, which will be available right in the Windows 11 taskbar, is meant to make it easier for Windows users to find and change settings without having to delve deep into the Windows settings (think, “adjust my settings so I can focus”). But the tools will also allow users to summarize content from the clipboard, for example, or compose text.
The Copilot will also be a gateway to the existing Bing/ChatGPT experience. “Just like you would with Bing Chat, you can ask Windows Copilot a range of questions from simple to complex,” Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay explains in today’s blog post. “If I want to call my family in Cyprus, I can quickly check the local time

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