One cellphone owner reports their Pixel 6 Pro “has recently been overheating and excessively draining its battery,” reports Endgadget.

“They suspect the culprit is the Google app and an update that began rolling out on May 12th…” And they’re not the only ones, judging by comments left in the Reddit and Google support forums.

“It just started yesterday. Massive battery usage from Google app and to a lesser degree Android System Intelligence….” one Reddit user wrote. Beyond the battery not lasting the phone is getting really warm so I know it’s harming the battery and potentially the CPU.”

Those who have tried contacting Google report the company’s support staff haven’t been very helpful. Some users say rolling back to an older version of the Google app hasn’t fixed the problem for them. “Actually ended up with an even older version from May 10, still draining the battery,” writes one Redditor. The

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