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Justice Warriors: Matt Bors’, Ben Clarkson’s and Felipe Sobriero’s scorchingly brilliant, viciously funny, dystopian sf graphic novel.

Hey look at this: Delights to delectate.

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Justice Warriors (permalink)
The internet did not create Matt Bors, but the internet would be a much poorer place without Bors and his acerbic, scorchingly funny webcomics, which he publishes at The Nib (a site he founded), amongst some of the web’s most iconic humor:
Founding The Nib and creating a home for all those great webcomics would be legacy enough for one creator, but Bors monumental accomplishment with The Nib is topped by his savage creation, Mr Gotcha, the single most effective rebuttal to the most annoying Reply Guys on the whole internet:

Mister Gotcha

Dayenu: if he had only founded The Nib, it would be enough. If he had only created Mr Gotcha, it

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