Rocket Matter, a cloud-based law practice management platform, now has an integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT artificial intelligence, providing its users with quick access to ChatGPT from anywhere within the Rocket Matter application.
The integration allows Rocket Matter users to leverage ChatGPT for purposes such as drafting a message or summarizing a document, without the user having to leave the platform or have a separate ChatGPT license.
It does not provide any functionality beyond what a user could do directly in ChatGPT, but it provides the convenience of accessing ChatGPT from within the user’s practice management platform.
In later releases, Rocket Matter plans to enhance the integration’s functionality by enabling users to leverage the ChatGPT integration to generate insights from the business intelligence within Rocket Matter. This will include designing reports and finding financial information.
Rocket Matter said it plans to continue developing the integration in order to help users perform tasks such as extracting

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