Zoom will be integrating Anthropic’s AI Assistant across its productivity platform, starting with its Contact Center product to help businesses with customer support inquiries. The Verge reports: Zoom says Claude, a chatbot Anthropic launched in March, should help customer support agents by creating “better self-service features” that can help guide customers toward relevant solutions. It will also soon be able to surface necessary resources for agents while they’re serving customers. The company is vague about how it will implement Claude in other areas of the app — like Team Chat, Meetings, Phone, Whiteboard, and Zoom IQ — but Zoom will likely leverage the assistant to help it compete with other productivity apps that use AI, like Slack. Zoom already has a suite of AI-powered capabilities available through Zoom IQ, an assistant it built through a partnership with OpenAI. So far, Zoom IQ can generate summaries and message drafts as well

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