Privacy-focused firm DuckDuckGo has released a public beta of its browser for Windows, offering more default privacy protections and an assortment of Duck-made browsing tools. From a report: Like its Mac browser, DuckDuckGo (DDG) uses “the underlying operating system rendering API” rather than its own forked browser code. That’s “a Windows WebView2 call that utilizes the Blink rendering engine underneath,” according to DuckDuckGo’s blog post. Fittingly, the browser reports itself as Microsoft Edge at most header-scanning sites. Inside the DuckDuckGo browser, you’ll find:

1. Duck Player, which shows (most) YouTube videos “without privacy-invading ads” and doesn’t feed your recommendations
2. Tracker blocking that DDG cites as “above and beyond” other browsers, including third-party tracker loading
3. Enforced encryption
4. The “fire button” that instantly closes all tabs and clears website data
5. Cookie pop-up management, automatically selecting a private option and hiding “I accept” pop-ups
6. Email protection, making it easier to use an auto-forwarding

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