Date: 2023-June-07Description: Drupal 7’s end of life is January 5, 2025
On February 23, 2022, we announced that we would be extending the End-of-Life for Drupal 7 until at least November 1, 2023.
Today, we are officially announcing that Drupal 7 will reach its end of life on January 5, 2025.
With this final extension, the Drupal Security Team is also adjusting the level of support provided.
This will be the final extension.
Reduced support for moderately critical Drupal 7 issues

Effective August 1, 2023, the Drupal Security Team may choose to publicly post moderately critical and less critical issues affecting Drupal 7 in the public issue queue for resolution, as long as they are not mass-exploitable. (Security risk levels defined.)
Drupal 9 and above are not affected by this change. When a security issue affects both Drupal 7 and Drupal 10, for example, the Drupal 10 security advisory may be released without a corresponding Drupal 7

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