Meet Gladia, a French AI startup that wants to change how companies interact with audio data. The company develops an audio transcription application programming interface (API) that you can integrate with other products and is supposed to work much better than what’s available out there. And this tech foundation unlocks new use cases around audio.
If you’re familiar with audio transcription APIs, you know that big cloud providers already have their own APIs. There’s Google’s speech-to-text API, Amazon Transcribe, Microsoft’s Speech to Text, etc. They work well, but they are expensive, slow and don’t have a ton of features.
Gladia’s co-founder and CEO Jean-Louis Quéguiner, who was the former head of AI for OVHcloud and co-founded the company with Jonathan Soto, told me about some of the limitations with existing APIs. According to him, there are three pain points with existing products. First, when it comes to prices, transcribing an hour of

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