A.I. and the Law Series
Japan has a unique cultural attitude towards technology  , specifically robotics and AI. This stands in stark contrast to U.S. cultural attitudes towards the same. I noticed the phenomena during my undergraduate studies. Coming from an International Relations/Poly Sci background, I always pinpointed this dynamic to Japan’s unique relationship with the military and its society.
Japan’s constitutional provisions regarding the prohibition of holding a standing army, as outlined in Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, have had significant implications for Japan’s approach to technology, particularly in the realm of military capabilities. Article 9, which was drafted during the post-World War II period under the influence of the Allied forces:

Renounces war as a sovereign right of the nation
Prohibits Japan from maintaining land, sea, and air forces
Prohibits war in general
Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan

The prohibition on a standing army has shaped Japan’s approach to national defense and

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