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Opportunities and Risks of LLMs for Scalable Deliberation with Polis — Polis is a platform that leverages machine intelligence to scale up deliberative processes. In this paper, we explore the opportunities and risks associated with applying Large Language Models (LLMs) towards challenges with facilitating, moderating and summarizing the results of Polis engagements.
How I Use PandasAI to Complete 10 Most Frequent Tasks in Data Science —
A Quick Introduction and Development Guide For Pandas AI
Introduction to Haystack — Haystack is an open-source framework for building search systems that work intelligently over large document collections. Learn more about Haystack and how it works.
Master Semantic Search at Scale: Index Millions of Documents with Lightning-Fast Inference Times using FAISS and Sentence Transformers — Dive into an end-to-end demo of a high-performance semantic search engine leveraging GPU acceleration, efficient indexing techniques, and robust sentence encoders on datasets up to 1M documents, achieving

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