Thursday Bill Gates launched a new podcast called “Unconfuse Me.” (“What do you do when you can’t solve a problem? I like to talk to smart people who can help me understand the subject better…”)
Join me on my learning journey as I talk to brilliant guests about Alzheimer’s, artificial intelligence, the future of education, plant-based meat, the evolution of language, marijuana, and more.
The first words of the first episode are a clip of Seth Rogen saying “Edibles? I don’t mess with that. Snoop Dogg doesn’t eat edibles. Like, that’s how wild the variation on edibles is, and I do not recommend this.”
Then Bill Gates’ voice says “I love learning, even if a topic’s complex, I like to see if I can figure it out…” People reports that the 67-year-old Microsoft co-founder and former CEO also spoke to Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller about the future of Alzheimer’s

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