Enlarge / The lobby of Google’s new campus and office in Singapore. (credit: Getty Images)

Google has a company-wide mandate to pump out products that use a ChatGPT-style language model, and the latest is Google NotebookLM. This Google’s third notebook app, after Google Notebook (2008-2012) and Google Keep (2013- ). This was originally announced at Google I/O as “Project Tailwind,” but now it’s hitting limited public testing. Google doesn’t quite describe this as a finalized product, calling it “an experimental offering from Google Labs.”
The “LM” in “NotebookLM” stands for “language model,” indicating this wants to apply ChatGPT-style smarts to your notes. It’s hard to know exactly what Google is planning without access to it, but here’s the full pitch:

NotebookLM is an experimental product designed to use the power and promise of language models paired with your existing content to gain critical insights, faster. Think of it as a

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