G/O Media is the owner of top sites like Gizmodo, Kotaku, Quartz, and the Onion. Last month they announced “modest tests” of AI-generated content on their sites — and it didn’t go over well within the company, reports the Washington Post.

Soon the Deputy Editor of Gizmodo’s science fiction section io9 was flagging 18 “concerns, corrections and comments” about an AI-generated story by “Gizmodo Bot” on the chronological order of Star Wars movies and TV shows.

“I have never had to deal with this basic level of incompetence with any of the colleagues that I have ever worked with,” James Whitbrook told the Post in an interview. “If these AI [chatbots] can’t even do something as basic as put a Star Wars movie in order one after the other, I don’t think you can trust it to [report] any kind of accurate information.”

The irony that the turmoil was happening at Gizmodo,

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