Inflection AI, an AI startup company, has built a cutting-edge supercomputer equipped with 22,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs. Wccftech reports: For those unfamiliar with Inflection AI, it is a business that aims at creating “personal AI for everyone.” The company is widely known for its recently introduced Inflection-1 AI model, which powers the Pi chatbot. Although the AI model hasn’t yet reached the level of ChatGPT or Google’s LaMDA models, reports suggest that Inflection-1 performs well on “common sense” tasks, making it much more suitable for applications such as personal assistance.
Coming back, Inflection announced that it is building one of the world’s largest AI-based supercomputers, and it looks like we finally have a glimpse of what it would be. It is reported that the Inflection supercomputer is equipped with 22,000 H100 GPUs, and based on analysis, it would contain almost 700 four-node racks of Intel Xeon CPUs. The supercomputer will

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