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When the app turns you into a robo-scab: The implacable, inarguable tactics of disciplinary technology.

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When the app turns you into a robo-scab (permalink)
When we talk about the abusive nature of gig work, there’s some obvious targets, like algorithmic wage discrimination, where two workers are paid different rates for the same job, in order to trick occasional gig-workers to give up their other sources of income and become entirely dependent on the app:

Pluralistic: Gig apps trap reverse centaurs in wage-stealing Skinner boxes (12 Apr 2023)

Then there’s the opacity – imagine if your boss refused to tell you how much you’ll get paid for a job until after you’ve completed it, claimed that this was done in order to “protect privacy” – and then threatened anyone who helped you figure out the true wage on offer:

Pluralistic: 07 Aug 2021

Opacity is wage theft’s handmaiden:

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