Barely a week before the American Association of Law Libraries descends on Boston for its annual convention, a survey out today of legal professionals views on generative AI finds finds that a majority of them believe that librarians and others involved in knowledge management and research are at risk of obsolescence.
In the survey of 275 legal professionals conducted by Wolters Kluwer and Above the Law, Generative AI in the Law: Where Could This All Be Headed?, two thirds of respondents said they believe document review lawyers, librarians, and others involved in knowledge management and research could be replaced by generative AI.
Forty percent said paralegals are also at risk.
The jobs of law firm partners are safest, the survey concludes, but certain practice areas are more likely to be impacted by generative AI, respondents believe.
Practice areas most likely to be impacted include corporate, trust and estates, litigation, intellectual property, and tax. Those

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