Guest blog post by Christy Smith, Head of Collection Services, Seton Hall University, Rodino Law Library
I am so thankful to AALL LIT-SIS for awarding me the Experienced Librarian Educational Grant to attend this year’s AALL conference in Boston!
I have been an academic law librarian for the past two decades and have always learned a lot from attending the annual conference. The presentations and panels are full of useful and thought-provoking information, and I often come away with new ways of doing tasks or thinking about things. I also go back to my library with new contacts with whom I can collaborate with on revised workflows or innovations.
Although my main role in my library is Collection Services, I attended the following sessions that were not geared specifically to Collection Services librarians: LIT-SIS Roundtable on Generative AI; What You Need to Know About the Next Gen Bar Exam; and Kill a Stupid Rule.

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