I am sure by now many of you have seen the commercial for Lexis AI . The action themed pop music, dramatic screenshot closeups, really gets a researcher in the mood. Watching the technical developments of Law Startups reminds me of the console wars of my generation, namely between NES, and Sega.
Rather than wait for the competition’s response, I went searching myself for the Westlaw alternative. While I was in law school, Casetext was popular with my classmates (I used Quimbee). At the time, Casetext provided access to case law which was readily available on the web, and could also be accessed through Google Scholar. The annotations and summaries were created by a team of volunteer lawyers, law professors, and even law students. As time progressed the startup added fee-based premium services. Casetext, entered the AI arena with its product, Co-Counsel, which was quickly purchased by Westlaw. But could the

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