Today we are launching Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) M7i-Flex and M7i instances powered by custom 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors available only on AWS, that offer the best performance among comparable Intel processors in the cloud – up to 15% faster than Intel processors utilized by other cloud providers. M7i-Flex instances are available in the five most common sizes, and are designed to give you up to 19% better price/performance than M6i instances for many workloads. The M7i instances are available in nine sizes (with two size of bare metal instances in the works), and offer 15% better price/performance than the previous generation of Intel-powered instances.
M7i-Flex Instances The M7i-Flex instances are a lower-cost variant of the M7i instances, with 5% better price/performance and 5% lower prices. They are great for applications that don’t fully utilize all compute resources. The M7i-Flex instances deliver a baseline of 40%

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