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Podcasting “Enshitternet”: The old, good internet deserves a new, good internet.

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Podcasting “Enshitternet” (permalink)
This week on my podcast, I read “Enshitternet: The old, good internet deserves a new, good internet,” my recent Medium column about building a better internet:
As John Hodgman is fond of reminding us, “nostalgia is a toxic impulse.” It is easy for an old net.hand like me to fall into the trap of shaking his fist at the cloud. Having been on the other side of that dynamic, I can tell you it’s no fun.
When I got on BBSes in the early 1980s, there was an omnipresent chorus of grumps insisting that the move from honest acoustic couplers to decadent modems was the end of the Golden Age of telecommunications:
When I got on Usenet

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