What to make of the news that early research appears unable to duplicate the much-ballyhooed claims for the LK99 superconductor?

“The episode revealed the intense appetite in Silicon Valley for finding the next big thing,” argues the Washington Post, “after years of hand-wringing that the tech world has lost its ability to come up with big, world-changing innovations, instead channeling all its money and energy into building new variations of social media apps and business software…”

[M]any tech leaders are nervous that the current focus on consumer and business software has led to stagnation. A decade ago, investors prophesied that self-driving cars would take over the roads by the mid-2020s — but they are still firmly in the testing phase, despite billions of dollars of investment. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have had multiple hype cycles of their own, but have yet to fundamentally change any industry, besides crime and money laundering.

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