David Heinemeier Hansson, CTO of SaaS project management outfit 37Signals, has posted an update on the cloud repatriation project he’s led, writing that it’s already saved the company $1 million. The Register: Hansson has previously revealed that his company spent $3.2 million a year on cloud computing, most of it at Amazon Web Services. His repatriation plan called for the company to spend $600,000 on eight meaty servers that each pack 256 virtual CPUs, and have them hosted at an outfit called Deft. That plan was projected to save $7 million over five years. In his Saturday post, Hansson wrote he now thinks he can find $10 million of savings in the same period.

“Our cloud spend is down by 60 percent already… from around $180,000/month to less than $80,000,” he wrote, qualifying that the number excludes the cost of Amazon Web Services’s Simple Storage Service. “That’s a cool million

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