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How plausible sentence generators are changing the bullshit wars: My September column in Locus Magazine.

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How plausible sentence generators are changing the bullshit wars (permalink)
In my latest Locus Magazine column, “Plausible Sentence Generators,” I describe how I unwittingly came to use – and even be impressed by – an AI chatbot – and what this means for a specialized, highly salient form of writing, namely, “bullshit”:

Commentary by Cory Doctorow: Plausible Sentence Generators

Here’s what happened: I got stranded at JFK due to heavy weather and an air-traffic control tower fire that locked down every westbound flight on the east coast. The American Airlines agent told me to try going standby the next morning, and advised that if I booked a hotel and saved my taxi receipts, I would get reimbursed when I got home to LA.

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