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Naomi Klein’s “Doppelganger”: On late capitalism’s double-vision and double trouble.

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Naomi Klein’s “Doppelganger” (permalink)
If the Naomi be Klein
you’re doing just fine
If the Naomi be Wolf
Oh, buddy. Ooooof.
I learned this rhyme in Doppelganger, Naomi Klein’s indescribable semi-memoir that is (more or less) about the way that people confuse her with Naomi Wolf, and how that fact has taken on a new urgency as Wolf descended into conspiratorial politics, becoming a far-right darling and frequent Steve Bannon guest:
This is a very odd book. It is also a very, very good book. The premise – exploring the two Naomis’ divergence – is a surprisingly sturdy scaffold for an ambitious, wide-ranging exploration of this very frightening moment of polycrisis and systemic failure:

Wolf once had a cluster of superficial political and personal similarities to Klein:

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