Enlarge / The Raspberry Pi 5’s custom I/O chip, the RP1, is the result of $15M in investment over seven years. It unlocks far more data and storage capabilities in the single-board platform. (credit: Raspberry Pi)

Nearly everything on the Raspberry Pi 5 has improved over the 4 model, particularly the way you can buy it. In a first for the single-board company, the 5 is available for preorder today from approved resellers before it’s generally available by the end of October.
Perhaps most importantly, the 5 is being prioritized for individual buyers rather than commercial partners.
“We’re incredibly grateful to the community of makers and hackers who make Raspberry Pi what it is; you’ve been extraordinarily patient throughout the supply chain issues that have made our work so challenging over the last couple of years,” writes Raspberry Pi founder and CEO Eben Upton. “We’d like to thank you: we’re going

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