Kotaku reports that last week 29-year old Darin Harris “allegedly stole dozens of copies of the game from a warehouse and started selling them online,” prompting lots of pre-release leaks for the game.

“One Reddit user immediately reported the leaks to Bethesda and Memphis police,” adds Kotaku. “And he’s now been banned from the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit after posting about it.”

I know this because the commenter in question, Jasper Adkins, emailed Kotaku to inform us it had happened. “It seems to me that the subreddit is running on ‘bread and circuses’ mode mixed with bystander syndrome,” he wrote in his initial email. “They’re perfectly willing to ignore a crime that hurts a developer they claim to support, in exchange for a few minutes of shaky gameplay filmed from a phone….”

Despite the criminal charges against him, Harris has become something of a folk hero within the community of fans hungry for

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