Microsoft is releasing one of its biggest updates to Windows 11 today. It includes access to the new Windows Copilot, AI-powered updates to Paint, Snipping Tool, and Photos, RGB lighting support, a modernized File Explorer, and much more. From a report: Windows Copilot is the big new feature for this Windows 11 update, bringing the same Bing Chat feature straight to the Windows 11 desktop. It appears as a sidebar in Windows 11, allowing you to control settings on a PC, launch apps, or simply answer queries. Microsoft is integrating Copilot into many parts of Windows, too. Copilot will essentially exist as an AI-powered digital assistant, much like Microsoft’s vision for Cortana. While Microsoft shut down the Cortana app inside Windows 11 last month, Copilot looks like it’s very much Microsoft’s big push into AI.

Microsoft is also adding AI-powered features to Paint, Snipping Tool, and Windows 11’s Photos app.

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