The contract lifecycle management company SpotDraft today launched a generative AI add-in for Microsoft Word that is designed to help lawyers streamline the process of reviewing contracts — and it is available for anyone to try for free through the end of December.
The new product, called VerifAI, uses generative AI to check contracts against user-specified guidelines, written in plain English. It also answers open-ended, contextual and logical questions about contracts.
The product was launched to the public today before a live audience at the SpotDraft Summit New York City and is publicly available to lawyers via the Microsoft app store.
VerifAI is a standalone product that requires no other SpotDraft subscription. It works out-of-the-box, with no training required for users. Once it is added to Word, it is immediately ready for use.
As Udit Misra, product marketing lead, demonstrated to me during a pre-launch briefing, the product has two components: Guides and Ask

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