Enlarge / The image a Bing Chat user shared to trick its AI model into solving a CAPTCHA. (credit: Denis Shiryaev / Ars Technica)

Bing Chat, an AI chatbot from Microsoft similar to ChatGPT, allows users to upload images for the AI model to examine or discuss. Normally, Bing Chat refuses to solve CAPTCHAs, which are visual puzzles designed to prevent automated programs (bots) from filling out forms on the web. On Saturday, X-user Denis Shiryaev devised a visual jailbreak that circumvents Bing Chat’s CAPTCHA filter by tricking it into reading the inscription on his imaginary deceased grandmother’s locket.

In his X post (on the platform formerly known as Twitter), Shiryaev first shared a screenshot of Bing Chat refusing to solve the CAPTCHA when it was shared as a simple image. Next, Shiryaev pasted that image into another image of a pair of hands holding an open locket. In

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