I will confess that when my long-time friend Kevin O’Keefe told me that his legal blogging company LexBlog was developing a generative AI integration, I was not expecting much. I guessed they would simply add a conversational interface somewhere in the right control panel where authors could converse with ChatGPT without having to leave the platform.
I am happy to report that LexBlog proved me wrong. Today, it is officially releasing Lou, its AI-powered publishing assistant that does so much more than I’d expected and that does it all through an intuitive menu of options, seamlessly integrated into LexBlog’s WordPress-based publishing platform, that makes it easy for legal bloggers to tap into the power of ChatGPT to enhance their writing.
Lou’s Inspiration menu can help you get started on a post.
To be clear, Lou is not designed to write your posts for you or to take the place of the legal professional

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