In July, NetDocuments announced the limited launch of PatternBuilder MAX, a generative AI-driven version of its PatternBuilder document assembly product that it said would enable firms to create custom generative AI automations tailored to the needs of their specific practice areas. At the time, I wrote about how one immigration lawyer had used it to dramatically shortcut the time-consuming process of drafting O-1 visa petitions.
NetDocuments said then that it was the first of a planned series of workflow-enhancement products — or “skills” — it would release, all under the moniker ndMAX and all built on the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.
Today, at its Inspire user conference in San Antonio, the company said that PatternBuilder MAX is now generally available, and comes with nine “out-of-the-box” apps that incorporate generative AI to address common legal use cases.
These pre-built PatternBuilder MAX apps – which NetDocuments calls Studio Apps – were designed based on insights and

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