With more than 10,000 attorneys across the country, the U.S. Department of Justice describes itself as “the world’s largest law office.” Given that broad scope, it is particularly notable that the DOJ today announced a partnership with the justice tech company Paladin to provide every DOJ attorney with access to Paladin’s pro bono platform where they can search and sign up for opportunities to provide legal help at no cost.
Through the partnership, the DOJ and Paladin are launching the DOJ Pro Bono Portal. Through the portal, DOJ lawyers will be able to search for local opportunities that are vetted for federal employees, sign up for individual matters or clinics, and connect with both legal services organizations and the DOJ’s Office for Access to Justice to more quickly to get started.
The Paladin platform will provide the DOJ with real-time data insights about volunteers’ interests and pro bono engagements to help inform

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