There’s yet another technological revolution happening, reports the Los Angeles Times. Bowling alleys across America “are ditching traditional pinsetters — the machines that sweep away and reset pins — in favor of contraptions that employ string.

“Think of the pins as marionettes with nylon cords attached to their heads. Those that fall are lifted out of the way, as if by levitation, then lowered back into place after each frame… European bowling alleys have used string pinsetters for decades because they require less energy and maintenance.

“All you need is someone at the front counter to run back when the strings tangle.”
String pinsetters mean big savings, maybe salvation, for an industry losing customers to video games and other newfangled entertainment. That is why the U.S. Bowling Congress recently certified them for tournaments and league play. But there is delicate science at play here. Radius of gyration, coefficient of restitution and

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